My Love For The Guitar

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My Love For The Guitar

Music is the only universal language that can be understood, accepted, loved and admired irrespective of age, culture or religion. I truly feel that music is genetically programmed in all of us. That could be from humming your favourite tune, singing, or playing a musical instrument to even appreciating simple sounds.

Ever since I can remember, I was always fascinated with the sounds of various musical instruments. As a child I did try to lay my hands onto a keyboard, piano, drums and guitar that I could find at a friends’ or a relatives’ place. The sheer delight and joy that filled me transported me to a different world altogether. Of all the instruments, it was the six strings guitar that really caught my eye. Having listened to several legendary bands and artistes and also seeing videos of their stage performance during my growing years, I was particularly intrigued by the guitarist and his renditions. The seamless movement of his fingers over the strings to an extent such that it seemed as though they were made for each other. My love for the guitar evolved further during my teens when I was introduced to rock music. The complete mastery over the instrument that the guitarist possessed was unimaginable. That was when I decided that I must learn to play guitar.

But that was easier said than done. At home, it was very clear that academics was always the first priority and everything else could wait. That meant that my guitar lessons too would have to wait. For how long? Nobody could tell that. One thing lead to another and academics gave way to career path and that lead to professional commitments. We are living in a competitive world where we always have too many things to do in a limited time frame. But the passion for guitar learning lived on. I was very clear in my mind that come what may, I will fulfil this dream.

My family was also very clear that our daughter would be exposed to learning a musical instrument early on in her life. It was after her sixth birthday that we decided to enrol her into piano classes. That’s when we came across the Academy of Western Music.  I was thoroughly impressed with the Academy. From their architectural layout to the friendly and informative front desk staff, from the classroom designs to their faculty members, every aspect has been thoroughly researched, planned and executed well. Above all, the CEO, Mr. John Sudhakar’s personal intervention, towards guiding us on the course details, taking us on a tour of the academy and helping with the enrolment process to advising on the various types of pianos that we could consider purchasing, was very helpful. These were qualities we had in mind before selecting a music academy for my daughter.

I was hesitant at first but let my confidence get the better of me and popped the question to Mr. John Sudhakar about the possibility of me pursuing guitar classes at the Academy.  Age was a big factor and I certainly did not see myself sitting in the midst of children my daughters’ age and learning to play the guitar. Besides that, a father daughter duo attending music classes was certainly not a common sight. To my surprise, Mr. John Sudhakar put all my anxieties at ease by giving me examples of a few students who despite their age and professional commitments have found time to pursue their passion of learning music. Age is certainly not a deterrent to learn new skills. We have all read or heard about this umpteen number of times. But how many of us put it to practise.

Thus began a new journey in my life to fulfil an incomplete dream. After getting suitably guided by Mr. John Sudhakar on the course, instrument purchase options and enrolment formalities, I began my weekly classes to learn guitar. The experience has been truly overwhelming. Until just 3 months ago, I could barely hold a guitar properly. Now I’m able to play some guitar chords and other musical pieces from the book. I’m still working on guitar lessons for beginners and there is a long way to go but with regular practice I’m confident that I will get only better. The excellent student to faculty ratio has also made this possible. With individual and undivided attention given to each student in the class, the scope for learning and enjoying what you learn only adds to the experience. This would not have been possible without the guidance and encouragement from my instructor, the young and spirited Jonathan.

There have been several occasions when I’m unable to play the music notes correctly. It does get frustrating during such times. But I constantly remind myself that practice will only make me perfect. This is not a race that I need to finish before time. This is process that I need to follow diligently and keep the focus on accuracy rather than speed. Play it again and again until you get it right. It’s also important to set aside time every day, at least 30 minutes, to play the guitar. For a working professional it can be daunting at first but with discipline it’s possible to do so. My work requires me to travel for many days. This means no practise for several days. But I carry my guitar whenever I travel on work. I have purchased a sturdy guitar travel case from Sterling Music and always make it a point to practice in my hotel room when I return from work. It may be for as less as 20 minutes for a day but trust me, it really does make a big difference.

What started out as an unfulfilled dream has not only turned into realty but also has made me strive for greater pursuits. After I successfully complete my acoustic guitar lessons, I plan to progress onto the electric guitar and the drums. My daughter too can play various musical pieces on her piano. I must thank the academy for giving me this wonderful platform.

It’s never too late to pursue your dream of learning to play a musical instrument that you have always cherished and wanted to learn to play. The time is now and there can be no excuses!

Avinash Swamy

Guitar Student –Academy of Western Music, Chennai.


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