Singing – A Feeling Set To Music

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Singing – A Feeling Set To Music 

Music means everything to me. Singing has always been fun and that is how I express myself. My earliest memories of my childhood include listening to a lot of old western music bands as my uncle is a music enthusiast. That is when I developed a versatile taste in music. Some of my happiest childhood pastimes include watching a lot of musicals like the Sound of Music where I would memorize the songs and sing it just the way it was.

I started learning Carnatic Music at the age of 7 and I am still continuing that.  After I completed engineering I decided to take a year off to pursue music. That is when I joined The Academy of Western Music since I wanted to familiarize myself with western music theory and realised that this was a great platform to gain knowledge and hone my vocal skills. Meanwhile I applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Although I did not get in, I still consider it as a learning and enjoyable experience. It also made me understand that I have to gain a lot more technical knowledge in music.

As a hobby I started making short music videos on Instagram and I really have fun doing it. I also look out for opportunities and keep myself tuned in to what is happening in the music scene in Chennai. I like exploring other genres of Indian music as well. I attended an intensive workshop in Hindustani Music which helped me understand and compare the nuances and differences in various styles of singing.

I have come to the conclusion that you have to be a lifelong student when it comes to learning music. As I am very passionate about music I hope to be involved with it in some form or the other for many more years to come especially with the guidance and support of my teacher Mr. David Devasahayam and the CEO of AWM, Mr. John Sudhakar.

Nethra Rajan

Vocal Student -Academy of Western Music