Me & Music

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Me & Music

It was 2002.

I was 7 years old when I first came in virtual contact with the world that is music. I was learning the Carnatic style of singing. All I knew then was that I liked the sounds that were coming out of my mouth and that I didn’t want to stop. A couple of temple recitals later, I was hooked. Music had become my drug without me even knowing it. All those late evening practice sessions had taken its toll on me. The music which touched me during those early years of my childhood had now become an integral part of how I chose to identify myself. But unfortunately this bliss was not to last. We were moving to another city and I had to give it up for the time being.

It was 2007.

One fine day after I had come back from school, the first thing I did was Google ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. I had heard a couple of boys from my class talk about how it was the best song they’d ever heard. And I just had HAD to hear it. I heard it. And I was hooked all over again. And hence began my first introduction to western music.

I started with an instrument-The Keyboard. But unfortunately, I could not go very far because again, we had to move. Then we finally settled back down in Chennai. I decided to continue my education in western music by pursuing keyboard again. I had heard about the Academy Of western Music and after much enquiry into all the music institutes in and around my place, we finally decided that the AWM was the most ideal place to learn western music, as it offers not only the stereotypical common instruments like keyboard and piano but also certification in Vocals by the trinity college, London. Which is something I have not found anywhere else in the city. And so far AWM has not let me down. And I hope it never will. J

Deepika. R

Keyboard Student -Academy of Western Music