Power of Drums

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Power of Drums

My initiation to drumming happened at the age of 10 during a concert. I listened to “The Drummers”, a 8-drummer group that played the compositions of the great swiss drummer Pierre Favre, who later should become my teacher. The sound of 8 drums and its energy, which unveiled itself in my body, planted a fire in me which later became bigger and bigger. The moment we start to feel rhythm or to participate in rhythm, we open up a space in ourselves and connect with the environment to be present in the moment. We all can experience this feeling, it is part of the human condition and it is directly connected with our spirit, our emotions, as well as with our daily lives.

It may have different names around the globe: groove, layam, flow, call it as you like, it definitely has the same effect and power on human beings wherever it is played.

Drummers are the ones who should learn about these powers and its properties and they should learn how to apply them in music. The more we incorporate the properties of rhythm, the better gets the music. Listening to a sound means absorbing highly concentrated information with an emotional participation, while reading its notation is an intellectual mind act and emotional information gets lost.

The inherent information of rhythm and sound is only appearing in the moment we listen to it. Therefore the social aspect of rhythm is one of its main properties. Both performer as well as listener agree about the emotional content of rhythm. Societies with a lively rhythmic culture still know and care about these qualities. Group drumming is a persisting part of its annual calendar, so is for example carnival drumming or ritual drumming all over the world which becomes an effective catharsis for all assisting people.

As a musician we have to explore the relationship between sound and time and share our results with others to reassure its emotional content.

Lukas Mantel (Switzerland)

Resource Person

Drum Workshop, Jan 2017 -Academy of Western Music